Wednesday, May 21, 2008



-606 Chuff Crew. Drink Grind Chuff. 'Nough said.

Tom Copeater: Guitar 'n Vocals, Bass.
Goat Lord: Drums
Matt: Old Guitar Player


-Self Titled Demo.
Self Released, 2003.

1. Functions of a Complex Variable
2. Destroyed During Child Birth
3. Now You've Got Your Own Memorial
4. Taylor and Maclaurin Serious Representations of Transcendental Function
5. Spin Polarization n the Quatum Well State
6. P.O.V.
7. Come Give Me a Hug
8. Orthonoraml Basis of a Vector Subspace
9. Raped With a Plunger
10. Complex Eigenynlues of a Coefficient Matrix
11. Reimann Hypothesis
12. Rat Boiler

-Self Titled LP.
Blood First Family

1. Functions of a Complex Variable
2. Destroyed During Child Birth
3. Now You've Got Your Own Memorial
4. Taylor And MacLaurin Series Representations of Transcendental Fuctions
5. Spin Polarization in the Quantum Well State
6. Complex Eigenvalues of a Coefficient Matrix
7. Plunger-Ruptured Rectum
8. Come Give Me a Hug
9. Rat Boiler
10. Reimann Hypothesis
11. Copeater

-Murder of Crows Split 7". Sceniester Credentials, 2007
1. Whiskey Mommah
2. Whale Riders
3. Space Dock
4. Vector Annihilator

Copeater at the Breakfast Nook



-Discider formed in Madison in 2001. Their crust
y d-beat sound could smelt be for at least six feet. They terrorized Madrown until summer of 2007.

Evan- Guitar and Vocals
Tim Offensive - Bass and Vocols

Paul- Vocals and Drums
Brandon - Drums
Jeremy - Vocals (First 7')


-Drinking To Forget The Future 7". First Blood Family, 2002. 100 of this release came with a screen printed cloth cover and clear vinyl (for you record geeks out there).

1. Zombievox
2. Parasitic Lives
3. George The Ripper
4. Deathseed

-Black Market Fetus Split 7"/CD. Blood First Family, 2004. The CD version came with a track that was no on the vinyl version.

1. When Can We
2. Smoke Leads To Fire

-Tour 2004 CD. Compilation cracks, split with Black Market Fetus and unreleased tracks. Limited to 100 (cough).
Tracks: To Come!

-Self Titled 7". Offensive Media, 2006.

1. Total Loss
2. The City She Burns
3. Life Changes Us
4. War Without End

-Songs For the Road Tour 2005 CD. 2005. New track and comp songs.
Tracks: To Come!

-"War With Out End". 2007. Discder was on track six of this Profane Existence comp that came with issue 52.

-Welcome To Hell, Food Not Bombs Fund, Protest, 2005.
Track 6: Disaster.

Discider At ABC No Rio

Discider on Mayday

Tuesday, May 20, 2008



-xGASHx is a band that you'll most likely never experience. This unique band was made up graduates from various high class schools based in Wisconsin. They ripped up basement after basement through their "thrash as fuck" lifestyle, not to mention various beers, whiskeys, vodkas and unmentionables. xGASHx does random reunions when they can afford to get away from their busy lives, even just for a minute.

- No one really knows who they were due to their antisocial life styles, the few that know them can conferm that some of their members went to UW-Stout. xGASHx ranged from two to seven members at once.

-There is a recording of seven tracks out there that was mentioned in an issue Spin.




-Despite stared out from the ruins of classic Wisconsin bands 10-96 and URBN DK in the year just before Y2K. Even though much of the people in the area did not understand their style of doom and gloom. After a brief hiatus, Despite, has decided to return to the stage. Shit...I need a new beer.

Bob DK - Guitar and Vocals
Ken Despite - Bass and Vocals
Jamie- Drums
Bitty - Bass (?)
Tony - Bass


-"Last Breath of a Dying Race" 7".
Dabachory Records. 1998.

1. Bastards
2. Lost of Faith
3. Pist
4. Distracted
5. Disease
6. World War

-"Last Breath of a Dying Race" 7". Skit Records, 1999. Re-release.

1. Bastards
2. Lost of Faith
3. Pist
4. Distracted
5. Disease
6. World War

-"The Destroyers Will Be Destroyed" LP. Six Weeks Records, 1999.
1. Spit
2. Enslaved
3. Parasite
4. Hate Today
5. New Enemy
6. Destroyer
7. Dumfuk
8. Kenobore
9. Defy
10. Senseless Violence
11. Drunk Driver
12. Sorrow
13. Trapped In System
14. Reflect
15. Like Shit
16. Gov't Subsidized Disease

-"Hellbound / Despite Split CD/LP". Crimes Against Humanity Records. (Despite Tracks).
7. Glutton
8. Succumb
9. Serve and Protect
10. Dominate
11. Demons
12. Divided

-"No Promise of Tomorrow". Crimes Against Humanity Records, 2004. 100 of the LPs are red.
1. Eyes of Despair
2. Life//War
3. Enraged
4. Nothing to Defend
5. Death Toll
6. Take What's Given
7. Misconception
8. Sacrifice
9. Dependence
10. No Promise of Tomorrow
11. Corrupted


"One Man" on Beer City's Counter Attack Comp. 2004. Track 23.

Despite in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 2008

Despite Myspace

Choose Your Poison

Choose Your Poison

-Choose Your Poison started in September of 2003. Their sound is the brain child of way to much time not masturbating mixed with whiskey and old Judas Priest videos. They'll thrash you out of space and time, not to mention your home.

Shane - Drums and Vocals (Ex. Brats and Cheese)
Lizzard - Bass and Vocals (2006 to Present, in Wartorn)
Toban - Guitar and Vocals (Ex. Brats and Cheese, in Wartorn)
Toeknee - Bass/vox (2003-July 2006)
Fitz - Guit (Aug 2007- present)

Discography (Thus Far):

-Thrashed To Ribbons 7"/CD. Self Released, 2006. Handel with care or it might just fizz up when you pop the top.

1. Thrash and Burn
2. The Damage Is Done
3. Sugar Coated Bullshit
4. Calling In Dead
5. Let The Good Times Roll

-Party Zone 7". Bacon Towne Records, 2007. A limited amount are on green vinyl.

1. Intro Thicker Than Blood
2. Plastic Prison
3. No White Flags
4. Knuckledragger
5. Hungry Hungry Assholes

-Laid To Waste CDEP, Self Released 2008. With their third installment it may seem like they are moving beyond partying and being down right hilarious, moving towards sophisticated complex economics.....yeah right.

1. In Basements We Trust
2. Feed Em To The Pigs
3. Trophy Sadist
4. No Promises



-Wartorn started in 2004 in a city on Lake Michigan called Manitowoc, Wisconsin. They play a Swedish influenced hardcore that is politically minded. You might regret not paying attention to the world around us; also forgetting to wear a diaper at the same time.

Bitty - Vocals
Ryan - Guitar
Hart - Drums
Lizard - Bass

Toban - Guitar
Amos - Bass (Fill In)

Discography (Thus Far):

-Adolf Bushler 7". Crimes Against Humanity Records, 2005. Limited to 300.

Tracks: To Come!

-In The Name Of The Father, Son, And Holy War LP. Crimes Against Humanity Records and Deskontento Records, 2005. Tour Edition on blue vinyl limited to 25.

1. Wartorn
2. In The Name Of The Father, Son And Holy War
3. Dead And Buried
4. Blood On My Hands
5. Disposable Hero
6. Mob Action
7. Wal-Martyr
8. Pharmaceutical Overdose
9. Kevorkian Has A Cure
10. No More Laughter
11. Survival Of The Streets
12. Adolf Bushler
13. Scum-Bag Five O
14. Stillborn-Again Christian

-Prey For Salvation 7". Crimes Against Humanity and Profane Existence, 2007. Limited to 300 on marble colored vinyl.

1. Aftermath Of A Severed World
2. Condemned
3. Empty Handed Politics
4. Prey For Salvation

-Appalachian Terror Unit Split CD. Profane Existence, 2007. This split contains the "Prey For Salvation" 7". 1000 printed thus far.

Tracks (Wartorn Tracks)
2. Aftermath Of A Severed World
4. Condemned
6. Empty Handed Politics
8. Prey For Salvation

-Tainting Tomorrow With The Blood Of Yesterday LP. Profane Existence, Crimes Against Humanity, Vex, Fight For Your Lives and Deskontento Records, 2008. This release has covers of Poison Idea and State of Fear. Also rerecorded tracks from the Prey For Salvation EP. 700 printed on black vinyl and 400 printed on a split black and white vinyl. The first pressing comes with a poster of the Prey For Salvation cover artwork done by Malrald. Cheers!

1. Weight of the World
2. Prey For Salvation / Killing Frost
3. Blood Thirsty System (State of Fear)
4. Tainting Tomorrow With The Blood of Today
5. Aftermath of a Severed World
6. Condemned
7. Empty Handed Politics
8. Taken By Surprise (Poison Idea)
9. Beneath by Ruins

- Los Dolares Split 7". Noske, Fight For Your Minds Records, Deskontento Records, 2008. Recorded sometime before Bitty switched over full time vocalist and Liz took up Bass. 500 Copies

1. Open Wound
2. Killing Frost


-"Aftermath of a Severed World". PE53 CD, Track 2, 2007.
-"Prey For Salvation". PE55 CD, Track 24, 2008.


United Super Villains (aka United Satanic Villains)

picture by little a

Karl Schneider (vox)
Ryan Mills (guitar)
Mike Thompson (bass)
Nick Bomb (drums)

-U.S.V. were ripping fast hardcore from LaCrosse, Wisconsin. I cannot remember why the broke up in the first place. Most likely it was due to each member wanting to worship Satan in their own different way. I'll still miss the cover of "Cop Killer".


-U.S.V / Krammies Split
7". Punk House Records 1996.
1. Everlasting Godstomper
Get Real Drugs Lines of Fury
3. 4
Lines of Fury
4. School

-Escapist. 7". Havoc Records 1999. 500 red vinyl, 2500 Marbled vinyl.
1. Another Cop Song
2. No More
3. Survey Says...
4. Punch Line
5. Fuckin' Happy Enough for You? Fight U.,
6. Ooooh, you SOB
7. Grown Up/Burnt Out

-Choke Slammed Back To Life LP. Deranged Records 2000. Tour Edition limited to 900.
1. Everything I Know I Learned From Jack T. Chick
2. Go Time
3. Knives In The Back / Dollar $ign$ In Eyes
4. Trophy
5. Ant Races
6. Everlasting Godstomper *
7. Good News
8. Make Sure He's Not Breathing
9. Petty Bullshit
10. Choke Slammed Back To Life
11. Left 2 Cover
12. Real TV Star
13. 4 Lines Of Fury
14. xGet Real Drugsx
15. Ley Fuga
16. Lyric Sheet
17. Subversion!
18. U.S.V. vs A.B.E.

*songs from the split 7" with the Krammies

Asinine Solution

Asinine Solution

-Asinine Solution was great hardcore band from Medford/Chippeawa Falls, Wisconsin. Members of this band also went on to play in: De-facto Oppression, Weaving The Deathbag, Lost Issues, Desolate Void, Apostacy, and Invicticus.

Mike - Guitar
Pat - Guitar
Kirk - Bass
Jasper - Drums
Lee - Vocals (First Record)


Your Wisconsin Friends 7". Asinine Records, 1996. Limited to 200 (good luck finding a copy!) and every sleeve is homemade and unique.
1. The Song That Can't Be Named
2. Peter Pumpkineater
3. Dee Vs. Blackie
4. No Topic
5. Tommy Tooth Decay
6. Duck Tape Man
7. Lynchmob
8. Hyperactive Colon

-My Dad's a Goat 7". Beer City 1997.
1.Hippies on Crack
2. Flag Burning in Medford
3. What ever happened to Hyperactivity
4. Politicians
5. For My Country
6. Indecision
7. Viewpoint

-Cause Effect 7". Asinine Records, 1998.
1. Title Town
2. I.D. Please
3. Smoke Screen
4. Contradiction
5. Hardcore Guys Never Smile
6. Down With Drain-O
7. No More Farm Animals
8. Strapped Down

Legion of Doom

Legion of Doom was crustcore band that was based out of Medford, Wisconsin.

Scott: Guitar+Vocals
Nick: Bass+Vocals
Tyler: Drums


-Antisocial Behavior Split 7", Subordi Nation Records.
1. Controlled Minds
2.Death Walk
3. Hybrid

-A Planet On Its Knees 7". Crimes Against Humanity Records 1999. This 7" was the first release for CAH records. Limited to 1000 copies. I thing I over hear Nick saying that CAH may be putting this on their MP3 site.

1. A Planet On It's Knees
2. Forgotten Victims
3. Thought Control
4. Death Walk
5. Man As Machine
6. Controlled Mind

-"Sheep". Aftermath is a benefit album complied for Profane Existence (3000 LPS, 2000 CDs). Track 21.