Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mecht Mensch

-Mecht Mensch was on of those classic 80's chaotic thrash-hardcore band from Madison . Some of the members played in their twin band the Tar Babies.



-Self Titled Demo Tape, Self Released 1982.

1. Might Makes Right
2. Zoned Out
3. Politician
4. Wasted Youth
5. Revenge
6. Land Of The Brave
7. Soren
8. Government Lies

-Split Tape With Tar Babies, Bone Air Records 1982. "Two absolutely great bands from Madison who had cuts on the MEATHOUSE compilation. Both bands are recording with Bob of HÜSKER DÜ, and hopefully will have some vinyl out soon. If its half as good as this tape, we're in for a treat."
-Tim Yohannon, from MRR, 1982

Mecht Mench Side:
1. Soren
2. Zoned Out
3. Wasted Youth
4. Government Lies
5. Die In the Classroom
6. Acceptance (live)

-Acceptance 7", Bone Air 1983. Recorded by Butch Vig. MP3's Here.

1. Acceptance
2. Grinder
3. Land of the Brave
4. Zombie
5. What's Right


-Barefoot and Pregnant Tape (Reflex, 1982) "Teen Life", "Functional Riot", "This One", "Soren", "Zoned Out"

-Meathouse Tape
(Version Sound, 1982) "Land of the Brave", "Revenge", "Government Lies"

The Master Tapes 2xLP (Affirmation, 1983) "Killer Klowns", "What D'Ya Feel"

-We Got Power LP (Mystic, 1983) "Might Makes Right"

-America's Dairyland Tape
(Last Rites, 1983). A great tape also featuring Die Kreuzen, Suburban Mutilation, The Crusties, Disdain, The Clit Boys and more, all from Wisconsin! Tracks: "Killer Klowns", "What's Right", "Free Animals"