Monday, December 28, 2015

Playlist 12/27/15

Deviated Instinct - Re-opening Old Wounds LP
-This is some classic shit right here!

Appalachian Terror Unit - We Don't Need Them LP
-I listened to this two times in a row just to get a feel of the album. I am still on the fence but it sounds pretty tight.

Unholy Grave / Butcher ABC - Nuke 'Em All 7"
- At one time, Unholy Grave, was my favorite band; they bring a perfect amount of raw grinding noise to the plate that is addicting. Butcher ABC is one of Japan's best grind bands.

Warcry - Harvest of Death 7"
- I can never get enough Warcry to keep my head banging.

Clusterfux - Abandon Your Gods LP
- Melodic and hard-hitting; pretty decent songs here.

Kromosom - 8 Tracks 12"
- Raw and chaotic. Fuck yeah!

Hellnation - Your Chaos Days Are Numbered LP
- Power-violence is not my favorite genre but this album stands out as one of the best.

Reality Crisis - Discharge Your Frustration LP
- This hardcore band is totally underrated.

Heard at Work: (my coworkers can surprise me from time to time):
X - Los Angeles

Dinosaur Jr.
- Haven't heard many songs outside of 'Without a Sound'. Not the biggest fan but whatever

Celtic Frost - Monotheist LP
- Great album to unwind to.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

12/12 - 12/14/15

 Totally forgot to put this up and keep a good playlist, work and life tend to get in the way.

Entombed - Clandestine LP
 - I've been in a Death Metal mood lately.

Bolt Thrower - For Victory LP
 - So glad to see a sloth of Bolt Thrower reisues in the past few years.

Dismember – Death Metal 2xLP
 - I know it is not everyone's favorite album but there are some damn good tracks on this album.


Asinine Solution - Cause Effect 7"
 - One of my favorite recordings of all time. This seven inch is catchy and fast. The Wisconsin scene was totally underrated at the time and that was too bad for everyone else.

Assbrigade - Demo 2012 Tape
 - Yeah, I listen to my own band's fucking what.

Zero Hour - Self Titled 7"
 - Still, these songs are great. The B-Side/Side B; these are some the strongly contructed to date in this genre.

Defiance - No Future No Hope LP
 - Yep, kinda drunk and this album still reigns true.

Nightfell - Darknss Evrmore LP
 - HOLY SHIT! I am listening to this album more.

Neurosis - Soverin EP 12"

Friday, December 11, 2015

Playlist : 12/3/15 - 12/8/15

Warning - Protest And... Still They Die? 7" (1993?)
 - I still think that this EP is a bit of a let down. Their sound is super stripped down to a less raw early eighties Discharge style and lacks the power that it really is striving for. But recording techniques have changed a bit since this recording.

Peroxide - Can You Hear The Sound Of Peace? 7" (2012)
 - The chain saw buzz of the guitar mixed with a precious bass attack, over hard hitting drums with a howling voice are deafening my ears! 'Nuclear Solution' is totally my favorite of this slab of madness.

Genocide / Sorto ?– Final Path To Destruction LP (2005)
 - Genocide's recording from 1993, is fucking tight as hell and full of desperation. Sorto's '83-84' demo side are totally chaotic as hell and distorted as fuck.

Napalm Raid - Mindless Nation LP (2012)
 - Totally, DOOM, crustcore worship done in the best fucking way.

Totalt Jävla Mörker - Helvetespunk 7" (2015)
 - It's been a while since their last release. The metal influence really was knocked up a few notches but in a damn good way.

Asfixia - Self Titled 7" (2006)
 - Really, this group should have been up there with Ekkaia and Cop On Fire. Totally raging melodic hardcore.

Contagium - Self Titled 7" (2009)
 - Sludgy and metallic crust is quite possibly my favorite style of punk. This EP is dead on within that vein of heavy overkill.

Abaddon - Life Out of Balance LP (2009)
 - Some excellent grind/death from Wisconsin.

Zero Hour - Self Titled 7" (1994)
 - That mid ninties crust-punk is at it's best within these four tracks.

Off to work.

12/4/15 (classic's night!!!)
Hellbastard - Heading For Eternal Darkness LP (1988)
Icons of Filth - Onward Christian Soldier LP (1984)
Disrupt - Unrest LP (1994)
Concrete Sox - Your Turn Next LP (1985)
Bolt Thrower - In Battle There Is No Law LP (1988)
Dissection - Reinkaos LP (2006)

Dissection - Reinkaos LP (2006)
 - I had to listen to this album a couple more times.

Bell Witch - Demo 2011 LP (2015)

Entombed - Clandestine LP (1991)
 - Since I am on metal kick, might as throw this album on.

Dark Throne - Blaze In The Northern Sky

It is a Hayden, Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms or many other classics; kinda nights.

Dark Throne - The Underground Resistance CD
 - This album was on repeat while on a long drive.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Twin Ports : Metal Heads / Punks / Asexuals

Twin Ports : Metal Heads / Punks / Asexuals
These metal and punk albums have been dropped off at your local record stores.



Rotten Sound - Species of War
Diskonto - We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us Out
Hellbastard / Dresden - Split
Carcass - Demos LP 86-87
Nachtmystium - "eulogy Iv" Ep 2004
NAILS - Abandon All Life
Batillus / Hallowed Butchery - Split
Butthole Surfers - Brown Reason To Live
Amebix- Redux
Protestant - In Thy Name
Enth - Self Titled
Appalachian Terror Unit - We Don't Need Them

Tu Sufres / Cokskar - Split
Complete Waste     - Self Titled
New Labor - Self Titled
Axiom -    Establishing A Culture Of Resistance
Dirt / Mankind - Split
Wyrd - Tuonela
War Trash / What Shame     - Split
Heretical Response  - Envision
Hegoat - Edict
Fucked Up - Litany
Elephantman - Self Titled
Meisce -Bored Of The Dance
Any Last Words -Self Titled

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Playlist : 11/23/15 - 12/2/15

11/23/15 - 12/2/15
Warthreat - And The Children 7" (2014)
- These Australians bring forth pretty standard D-Beat but still kick in your door and demand you to house them. The vocals have that somewhat overdone reverb but it fit well with the over all recording. This release was totally worth picking up.

Warcry - Needle Zero Drone II 7" (2014)
- One of the best bands to come out of the U.S. since the late 00's. Sure, they sound similar with each recording but, fuck!, they still drown you in pure awesomeness.

After The Bombs - Terminal Filth Stench Bastard EP 7" (2005)
- For me this was a band that all of a sudden was there, laid waste and then was gone. I think that this EP was their strongest material put forth; heavy and hard hitting as all fuck.

From Ashes Rise - Rejoice The End 7" (2012)
- When these records came out I was overly happy that they were putting out more material. It was mor then a blast from the past and made me feel like I was fucking eighteen again. They pretty much picked up where they left off and made me wonder if these were new songs or rehashes of songs left off 'Nightmares', anyways, Rejoice The End!

Desperat - Demokrati Eller Diktatur? 7" (2012)
- I really need to listen to these guys more to be able to judge this release. So far it is totally solid hardcore that only the Swede's can deliver. Shit, I need a new pair of pants...

Silent Order - Distraction 7" (2015)
- There are hardly any riffs at first listen; just pure noise in the Japanese vein. At first, I decided I did not like this EP at all. Maybe it is the beer but I think that their live shows would be awesome...soooo come down from your Canadian stronghold and lay waste to a basement in these Midwest area...fuckers.

Discider - Drinking To Forget The Future 7"(2001)
- Okay, what happens when you live in the MOST LIBERAL city in the Midwest and dump a deuce and a half of alcohol and anger on top of a bunch of punks in the 'Heart-Land'? I don't know either, I can't remember. This may not be the most mind blowing record of all time but for a small town Wisconsinite lie myself, they were. Fuck you George The Ripper.

V/A - We Come In Peace - More World Less Bank pt. 2 7" (2004)
- Personally, my deep love for compilations runs back before the Internet allowed us to check out bands from wherever, whenever; and not so inconstancy as we can now. The bands that kicked me in the balls on this occasion are Anatomi-71, Ensam and the almighty Diskonto.

Desastre / Lixo ?– Funeral Na Nova Ordem / Lixo 7"
- I threw this on after reading about, Diana Midori of , of Ensam, playing drums in Desastre on this recording. Brazil (Basil), has a reputation of impressive hardcore bands such as Desastre. (I listened to this split three times in a row!)

(See Thanksgiving Playlist)

Amebix - Arise! LP
-Nothing wrong with listening to a classic album once and a while.

Nightfell - Darkness Evermore LP
 - This awesome. Dark riffs, hard hitting drums and bleak melodies.

Friday, November 27, 2015

EXTREME NOISE 2015. Thanksgiving Playlist.

Extreme Noise, November 2015
-I volunteered at Extreme Noise Records, in Minneapolis, for Thanksgiving this year. Our all-volunteer punk rock collective is open 365 days a year, so I filled in on this date that is usually reserved for family time. As a reminder, this holiday is based on genocide of the inhabitants of North America that were already here before "The Pilgrims"; fuck that. So here is the playlist from that night for those in need of their metal or punk rock fix.
Effluxus - Life Destruction LP
 - Raw, chaotic as fuck hardcore-punk. A bit well to polished for my taste but I can imagine that thier live shows are crazy as all hell.

Axeman - Arrive LP
 - "Shit, that album sucks" - my buddy Ryan. Well, he is dead motherfucking wrong. The album title and riffs alone, is a tongue in-cheek joke about Amebix's 'Arise'. Arise, Arrive; get it? Thought so. This album blends that slow and melodic crust vibe with the fury of black metal riffs. And it is all one dude! Fuck you, Ryan, this shit rules.

Gism - Detestation LP
 - I listened to this a couple of times in my youth. I am torn between wanting to throw the record against the wall to wanting to thrashing out. I know, "It's a classic!"; that's why I threw it on dumb ass! I have not had many chances to listen to this album all the way through. I can see where bands around the world site this band as their main influence. Shit's tight, raw and totally in your face.

Morbid Angel - Alters Of Madness LP
 - Death Metal was not huge in the area I grew up. Sure, we listened to Napalm Death and Carcass, but for some reason we did not listen to much metal outside of thrash. I can see how this is a highly cited album and it kicks ass like a grandmother playing poker; I think that the Swede's brought forth a more remorseless side of humanity in a fashion that really leaves the future absolutely bleak.

Bolt Thrower - The IV Crusade LP
 - Finally an affordable version was repressed. This is the fourth age of the sage that is Bolt Thrower.

Life - Violence, Peace and Peace Research LP
 - Japanese raw noise is totally some of best hardcore. This album is on par with any Desastre  Recharge albums any day. Dead Silent Spring riff's were intense has the cold war while Annihilate really does pulverize everything in its path and Hypocrisy is like being dragged through a field of razors.

Venom - Black Metal LP

Monday, November 23, 2015

Listening to: 0.0

11/5/15 - 11/22/15

This weeks playlist blaring from my space into the beyond. I may add some descriptions in the future, for now, drunkenness.
ABC Weapons - Bitter End 7"
Cluster Bomb Unit - ...And Dirty Little Weapons 7"
Protestant / Rhinocharge - Split 7"
Kakka-hätä 77 - WTC Räjähtää 7"
Nuclear Death Terror - As We Consume Shall We Be Consumed, As We Destroy Be Destroyed 7"
Riistetyt - Tervetuloa Kuolema 7"
Chaka - Decay 5-Track EP 7"
Victims - A Dissident LP
Protestera - Gränslösa Land 7"
Nux Vomica - Self Titled LP
Stormcrow / Coffins - Split LP
Mob 47 - Karnvapen Attack EP 7"
Opeth - Blackwater Park 2xLP
Tropiezo / Vivisick - Split 7"
Krömosom / Nomad - Split 7"
assa??t (Assault) - Martyrdom 7"
Darkthrone ?– The Cult Is Alive LP
V/A - More Songs About Plants And Tress 7"
Asinine Solution ?– Escape To Wisconsin 7"
Spectres - Visions of a New World 7"
Warthreat - And The Children 7"
Born Dead Icons / Coma - Split 7"
Bread And Water / Reason of Insanity - Split 7"
Scorned - Self Titled 7"

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Onto Life

Wartorn the 'Cause' in Minneapolis after 2013 and some shit.