Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dios Mio

-Zombies, Lawyers and Grandma's beware! Something strange was brewing in Eau Claire amongst the mold encrusted beer cans. It trashes about and and will leave you gasping for air...oh Dios Mio!

Isaiah Davis - Tard-Stick
Chito McFlurry - Ax and grandpa
Jack Grabs - Skins and flab's
Sinz Grabs - Fire and 80's porn.
Mike Chilson - 2nd Ax and still counting.
Kyle O'Sleezy - Skins and sweaty palms


-Prey to God 7", Wednesday Sound 2008. Great sound debute from these drunk little monkeys. The first pressing is limited to 200.

1. Shit Life
2. Get Ridiculous
3. Tread The World
4. Prey To God


-"Lose Lose Situation", Track 5. Give Praise Records. The cover is drawn by the legendary Nate Dungeon.

Their Myspace

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

People Again

-Photo by jenna, taken at the BFG in Appleton, WI.

Bulldozing thier way outta Milwaukee and Kenosha,People Again, are a great mix of down tuned trash and powerful epic onslaught of crust. I am looking forward to more of these totally unforgetable tunes.

Dan Valedez - Guitar and Roar
Zac Holochwost - Drums and More Roar
Marven Valedez - Bass and the screaming Banshee
James K - Guitar


-The Earth Is All That Lasts CDEP.

1. Slow Motion Holocaust
2. Dead Men On Hoilday
3. Fear Of Without
4. Fund To Bleed
5. Modern Jacket

-Self Titled 7", Mutant Soldier Records / Deadmen On Holiday 2006.

1. Neverending Task
2. Excessive Force
3. Processor
4. Giants And Parasites

-Sarjan Hassan Split 7", Halo Of Flies and Deadmen on Holiday 2007. Another outstanding release by Halo of Plies that is totally DIY to the bone. Even though P.A. only have two songs on it it is totally worth it. Sarjan Hassan is a trash as fuck band from Malaysia.

1. Inferno
2. Cold Shoulder

People Again Myspace

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mecht Mensch

-Mecht Mensch was on of those classic 80's chaotic thrash-hardcore band from Madison . Some of the members played in their twin band the Tar Babies.



-Self Titled Demo Tape, Self Released 1982.

1. Might Makes Right
2. Zoned Out
3. Politician
4. Wasted Youth
5. Revenge
6. Land Of The Brave
7. Soren
8. Government Lies

-Split Tape With Tar Babies, Bone Air Records 1982. "Two absolutely great bands from Madison who had cuts on the MEATHOUSE compilation. Both bands are recording with Bob of HÜSKER DÜ, and hopefully will have some vinyl out soon. If its half as good as this tape, we're in for a treat."
-Tim Yohannon, from MRR, 1982

Mecht Mench Side:
1. Soren
2. Zoned Out
3. Wasted Youth
4. Government Lies
5. Die In the Classroom
6. Acceptance (live)

-Acceptance 7", Bone Air 1983. Recorded by Butch Vig. MP3's Here.

1. Acceptance
2. Grinder
3. Land of the Brave
4. Zombie
5. What's Right


-Barefoot and Pregnant Tape (Reflex, 1982) "Teen Life", "Functional Riot", "This One", "Soren", "Zoned Out"

-Meathouse Tape
(Version Sound, 1982) "Land of the Brave", "Revenge", "Government Lies"

The Master Tapes 2xLP (Affirmation, 1983) "Killer Klowns", "What D'Ya Feel"

-We Got Power LP (Mystic, 1983) "Might Makes Right"

-America's Dairyland Tape
(Last Rites, 1983). A great tape also featuring Die Kreuzen, Suburban Mutilation, The Crusties, Disdain, The Clit Boys and more, all from Wisconsin! Tracks: "Killer Klowns", "What's Right", "Free Animals"


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cattle Prod

Cattle Prod
-relocated from Spokane, Washington to Madison, Secretly Happy is their only release and was recorded at Smart Studios. Their lyrical content is just utterly hilarious on top of a unique sound. Some of the members went on to play in Headpump. While, Shella, moved to New York, where she worked with Autobody and Drumhead.

Brent: Mouth, Keys, Loose Change, Duck, Genuine Faux Guitar
Mark: Bass, Mouth, Microwave Omlettes
Shella: Skins, Mouth, Guitar, Hammer
Albert: Cowbell Hologram

-Secretly Happy LP, Community 3, 1989. I like 'Tongues Are Pink' the best. It is a song ripping on racist skinheads. 'People Are Alright' sounds like it be better live.
This album
-Note that each side is one track! No slicing the tracks apart...to bad.
Here it is.
1. I Hate Hate
2. Tongues Are Pink
3. Love Is A Toy
4. Babuh
5. Don't Mind Walking
6. Donkey Ears
7. We'll Blow Ourselves Up
8. When I'm Dead
9. Waking Up
10. Nipple Goon
11. Spastic Child On Ice
12. My Only Constellation
13. Satan Is Boring
14. My Body
15. Smells Like Love
16. People Are Alright

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Desolate Void

-If there is some father figure god out there, it must be very happy with Eau Claire. With all the docile people milling about the mall, going to church and what not. Then it will notice the over flow from the toilet from the G.I. and hear one hell of a racket that grows ever more aggitatating each moment.

Drums - Tim Smith
Vocals - Andy Howard
Guitar - Stolp
Other Guitar - Brent K.
Bass - Nick Carroll
Old Guitarist and newly appointed Spiritual Adviser - Patrick Sova


-Self Medicated Psycho Therapy CD, Crimes Against Humanity Records 2006. Somehow through the haze and dizziness this album was actually recorded totally without alcohol included...rrrriiiigggghhhhttttt.

1. The Quest Of The Idiot
2. The Betrayers
3. Enduring The Curse
4. Who Haunts Who
5. Trying To Cope
6. Bleeding Chaos
7. Friend Placebo
8. Broken Bones & Bullet Holes

-No Sign Of Better Times CD, 2008 Crimes Against Humanity Records. This is an awesome album for hung over days when you don't understand how you woke up at all yet can still manage to drink another beer.

1. Isolation Embrace
2. Crimes Against My Sanity
3. Cuts, Bruises And An Empty Wallet
4. Wreckage of Yesterday
5. Way Past Wits End
6. Fucked And Furious
7. Amongst The Scattered Pills
8. Days Of Old


Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello to all!

I haven't done much with this for a few months, I have been sick and moving into a new place of dwelling in the past few months. I am wanting to add rar files of some of the more rare and hard to find eps and albums and samples of songs to bands that already have music out there; all with the approval of people from the bands of course. IF anyone has videos of some of the bands please leave a link to the source and I'll add it to the bands post. Cheers!