Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mink Capital Terror

-Hailing from Medford, MCT played a crossover hardcore during late 80's. Their two 7" kick more ass then much of the Thrash that is re-surging these days.

Doug Beilfuss -Drums
Pat Beilfuss -Guitar
Dan Brost -Vocals
Tom Fronk -Guitar
John Fronk -Bass


-Self Titled 7"
, Udder Chaos Records 1988

1. Paralell 45
2. Out Of Thouch
3. Some People
4. Sho-Bud
5. Brian's Got The Stomach Flu
6. Like Me
7. But They Did
8. Free To Kill
9. Save The Whales
10. Drugs And Pornography
11. Birds Of Prey

-What Secret Power Does This Man Possess? 7".
Udder Chaos 1989.

1. Weak Mind Strong Back

2. Woke Up Dead
3. Why Does A Caged Bird Sing?
4. Snooky Fudge
5. Sorrow
6. Vericose Veins
7. I'm A Bad Kid
8. Peace Through Pain
9. Totalitarian State
10. Search For The Word
11.Good Bye


Death First

-Death First played crossover with political overtone (or songs about grizzlies battling salmon swimming upstream). They formed around the Amery area then relocated to Menominee. They broke up after they realized that their lead guitarist was better Municipal Waste's.

-Photo by Brad. Taken at Nate's Dungeon in Eau Claire.

Tyler - Guitar and Vocals
Zak - Lead Guitar
Dylan - First Bass
Jesse - Vocals
TomTom - Last Bass


-Split 7" With Good Morning, Self Released 2001. Good Morning was from Winona, MN. A bunch of crazy fuckers. TomTom laterplayed bass for Death First after Dylan was eaten by a Grizzly.
Death First Side
1. Distractions
2. Dead Children
3. Cassidy
4. When Jerry Falwell Comes To YOur Town
(Lock Him In A Church And Burn It Down)

-Survival Horror CD, Self Released 2002. Sadly this is their only full length album. All the songs clock under three minutes, most hover around a minute and a half.
Check It Out

1. Stop Torture
2. Distractions
3. The Reason
4. Carrer
5. My Choice
6. The Whole FN Show
7. Darkness Falls
8. GJ Joe IS Not My Hero
9. Prison March
10. Fashion