Friday, October 3, 2008

Defacto Oppression

-azone show.

-DFO was based out of Menomonie respectfully. They destroyed as many bacements as eardrums. By the time of thier second release they could stand the test of time and become one of the best bands that has graced so many dizzy minds and sweaty walls.

Chris D- Vocals (most likely still plays D&D)
Mike O - Bass (Weaving The Deathbag, Lost Issues)
Adam K - Drums
Jake W. - Guitar, backup vox


-We're Digging Our Graves... 7", Self Released (now Hungry Ghosts Records) 1999. This gasp of breath was recorded after the band was together for six months. The lyrics are more politically straight forward and the music more rudimentary hardcore but still an excellent recording. This was the third 7" that I picked up and will be one of my top five for a long time.

1. Suburban Sprawl
2. It's Not That Simple
3. Cycles of History
4. Frankenstein
5. Locked Away
6. It's The Drugs Doug

-Screen Symphony Suicide CD, Self Released (Now Hungry Ghosts Records) 2001. There is nothing more than I can say about this album other than FUCK YEAH. Some people will sweep this album under the rug by saying that it borrowed too much from From Ashes Rise; that statement would have been different it they'd actually listened to the album rather than just look at the pretty pictures.

1. Oblivious To Concerns
2. So Far So Good?
3. Walk Away
4. The Faithful
5. To Sleep Without Dreams
6. Waiting Without Dreams
7. The Train

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Droids

- from "Moja Kochana Mamusia Marysia Mania" 7".

-The Droids started around '94 in the fabled Wisconsin city of Manitowoc; focusing on the Polish side of life (The polish being one of the major immigrant influence around the south western side of Wisconsin). They broke up briefly and put out their third EP, after that the cans of kraut must have been too overwhelming for one band to consume alone.

Machek - Vocals
Chris L - Guitar
Eric P (Bitty) - Guitar
Ted H - Bass
Tom N - Drums


- Jabede Bardzo Dorby 7", Power Ground Records 1995?.

1. A Reminder To All Young Men
2. JaBede Bardzo Dorby
3. Unfulfillmet
4. I Somi Moya Dupa!
5. Su Benge

-Boris The Sprinkler / The Droids - Split 7", Power Ground Records 1995?. Recorded at Simple Studios, Green Bay WI. What a way to compliment the area by mixing a rough sounding punk band, with a (now notorious pop-punk) band than putting them on the same piece of wax.

1. Elementarz
2. Notch
3. Spotch E Yedzenya (By the Expoited...Polish Style!)

-Moja Kochana Mamusia Marysia Mania 7", Beer City Records 1996. Recorded at Simple Studios, Green Bay. The last Droids record? We'll never know.

1. The Number For...
2. Social Dogs
3. One Million Specs
4. 6" Bobbitt
5. Level 4


-Remission '95

-Remission started out in 1995 in Manitowoc playing thrashy political punk. They recorded plenty of music on labels all of the the world; two of those being on Power Ground (also from WI). As of 2008, Remission has come back from the grave with a new line up that seems like it will be a pretty damn good time.




Bass...............Tom N


vox............Randy W





Bass .........Slick

Vox...........Randy W





Vox............Randy W





Vox ..........Randy W





Vox.............Randy W







Vox...........Randy W



-Human Compassion-Demo Tape
, Power Ground Records 1995. Limited to about 100.

1. Typo
2. Recycle The Free
3. State of Remission
4. Suffaculture
5. Fell The Neglect

-Fetus The Code 7"
, Power Ground Records 1995. The one I got came with a patch that was made out of a curtain or something like that.

1. Fetus The Code
2. Ambitions
3. Compultions of Futility
4. The Masses
5. One Nation
6. Only Regret

-Our Days Are Numbered LP, Beer City Records 1996.

1. Typo
2. Placebo
3. Twenty Years Unfold
4. Feel The Neglect
5. Every Day
6. Beyond Your Pride
7. State of Remission
8. Recycle The Free
9. Suffoculture
10. Lost Life
11. The Last Pledge
12. Nothing

- A Few Faces Of Protest 7"
, Spiral Objective 1997.

1. Bare The Scars
2. Accustom to Nothing
3. Gone Nowhere
4. Mislead
5. A Few Faces of Protest
6. No More Lies

-Temporary Service = Temporary Slavery 7", Denied A Custom 1997. The lyric sheet that is provided is translated into Japanese from English. DAC records is also the home of the band Kathode.

1. Unfiltered
2. Munufactured
3. Temporary Service = Temporary Slavery
4. Tainting The Message
5. One In Fourteen
6. Go Bankrupt and Die

-Ninety-Five to Ninety-Eight LP
, Dead Beat Records 1998. This was the first Discography on Remission's Demo Tape and their three 7" EPs.

1. Typo
2. Twenty Years Unfold
3. Recycle The Free
4. State of Remission
5. Suffaculture
6. Fell The Neglect
7. Fetus The Code
8. Ambitions
9. Compulsions of Futility
10. The Masses
11. One Nation
12. Only Regret
13. Bare The Scars
14. Accustom to Nothing
15. Gone Nowhere
16. Mislead
17. A Few Faces of Protest
18. No More Lies
19. Unfiltered
20. Manufactured
21. Temporary Service = Temporary Slavery
22. Tainting The Message
23. One in Fourteen
24. Go Bankrupt and Die

-Time Served '95 - '98 Discraphy CD
Bovine Records 1998. The CD Version of everything from before 1999.

-Jobbykrust / Remission- Split Tape
, Insane Society Records 1999.

Tracks to come sometime!

-Ninety-Five to Ninety Eight CD
, Profane Existence 2008. Another pressing of the discography.

-Absolute Power 7", 2009: Profane Existence, Crimes Against Humanity, Bacon Towne and Sysdumb Records. Well, well, well. Remission put out a new 7", FINALLY! What has it been 10 years or something? Five hundred of these puppies on white wax.

1. Tears of Blood
2. Debt Sentence
3. Absolute Power
4. Seduce A Nation