Friday, October 3, 2008

Defacto Oppression

-azone show.

-DFO was based out of Menomonie respectfully. They destroyed as many bacements as eardrums. By the time of thier second release they could stand the test of time and become one of the best bands that has graced so many dizzy minds and sweaty walls.

Chris D- Vocals (most likely still plays D&D)
Mike O - Bass (Weaving The Deathbag, Lost Issues)
Adam K - Drums
Jake W. - Guitar, backup vox


-We're Digging Our Graves... 7", Self Released (now Hungry Ghosts Records) 1999. This gasp of breath was recorded after the band was together for six months. The lyrics are more politically straight forward and the music more rudimentary hardcore but still an excellent recording. This was the third 7" that I picked up and will be one of my top five for a long time.

1. Suburban Sprawl
2. It's Not That Simple
3. Cycles of History
4. Frankenstein
5. Locked Away
6. It's The Drugs Doug

-Screen Symphony Suicide CD, Self Released (Now Hungry Ghosts Records) 2001. There is nothing more than I can say about this album other than FUCK YEAH. Some people will sweep this album under the rug by saying that it borrowed too much from From Ashes Rise; that statement would have been different it they'd actually listened to the album rather than just look at the pretty pictures.

1. Oblivious To Concerns
2. So Far So Good?
3. Walk Away
4. The Faithful
5. To Sleep Without Dreams
6. Waiting Without Dreams
7. The Train

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