Monday, March 14, 2016

Playlist : 2/28/16 - 3/12/16

- Titled : "Black Water's Rising"

I know it has been a while since my last update work and personal life have been keeping me quite busy. No complaints here, except I have not been able to listen to as much music as I want to. Without further bullshit on my behalf here is my playlist. Cheers!

Winter - Into Darkness LP (1992)
 - Okay, I totally dig this album. I finally found a copy really cheep at Extreme Noise before I went to work and literally ended up using change from the floor of my friends car to pay for it.

Coffinworm - When All Became None LP (2010)
 - If I am going to be on a slow doom and sludgy path, this seemed like the path to follow.

2/29/16 (Leap Year/Day Bullshit)
Long, long ago somewhere somewhere in Sweden.
Avskum - Punkista LP (2003)
 - Holy shit! I cannot express how much I love this band and this album. A small group of friends found this band, being from nowhere Wisconsin, and have kept them dear to our hearts ever since. This album hits at full throttle and keeps the fuel pumping until the end. I usually listen to this album two or three times in a roll just to let it sink in...with a full night ahead, I only listened to it once this time. "I Hate Your Fucking War!"

Wolfbrigade - Comalive LP (2008)
 - This album is a total rager. There was no need for a come back, Wolfbrigade, never left!

Miasmal - Cursed Redeemer LP (2014)
 - Shit, Sweden always produces awesome metal and punk. Maybe it is the water or the boredom; I can never tell. Why this group decided to sign to Century Media is beyond my mind yet they deliver some of the best best metal I have heard in a while. Their first album was more raw and this is more polished, so what. This album is grade AAA+++ extreme music. This album sounds like Dismembered, Carnage and Exhumed fighting over a half eaten bag of ranch Doritos.

Skitsystem - Enkel Resa Till Rännstenen LP (2001)
 - I remember the whole Midwest freaking out about this band (a big thank you to FELIX HAVOC); everyone was blaring it and had the patches and shirts. This band introduced to me to the wider Swedish punk and metal scene. Before this album, I only really listened to Unleahsed, Nasum and Carnage. Holy shit, this album blew some door wide open and will forever remain serrated in my brain as on of the best.

Nasum - Human 2.0 CD (2000)
 - I am going to end off with this album. To par Skitsystem with another band, it better be Nasum. Everyone has their opinion on Mieszko's recording style yet, fuck it, this band ruled. I found this album at a pawn shop for two dollars and is still one of the best two dollars I have ever spent. This album stepped away from their early raw-grind side and more towards the death metal realm and is still steeped in 'Napalm Worship'. The song 'Resistance' still makes me shake my fist at the world. Hail Mieszko! "Today We Die! Today Testify!"
D.S. 13 - Killed By The Kids LP (2001)
 - Okay, I forget one of my favorite bands EVER. For some reason it never registered to me that they were Swedish (the WI hardcore scene was listening to this...get it?). This album it home a helluva lot more. This album stand true more with the scene that I grew up with. Alright, now sleep. Outta beer, outta luck.

Fall Of The Bastards - Dusk of An Ancient Age LP (2004)
Dropdead / Totalitar - Split 7" (2002)
Desastre – Pesadelo Real LP (2004)
Axegrinder - Rise of the Serpantmen LP (1988)

Wednesday Night Extreme Noise Shift
Neurosis - Through Silver And Blood 2xLP (1996)
Head of David - Soul Shark 10" (1991)
Subtractions - It's Exposed 7" (2015)
Ceriel Killer  - No Life Til Cereil 7" (2015)
Pop. 1280 - Paradise LP (2016)
Primitive Calculators - I'm Fucked 7" (2015)
Total Abuse - Excluded LP (2016)
Savages - Adore Life LP (2016)
Feels - Self Titled LP (2016)
Deep Throats - Good Bad Pretty LP (2016)
Combat Knife - Extreme Combat 7" (2016)
Blood Pressure - Need To Control LP (2015)

3/3/16 - 3/7/16
- There was a ton a things happening in my life that I was not able to sit down, pull out a book and throw on a few records....but you do not want to hear me talk about that shit sooo...ONWARD!

Eau Claire Trip (There and back again...a shitty tale)
Bolt Thrower - The IV Crusade CD (1992)
Crass - The Feeding Of The 5000 CD (1979)
Crass - Stations of Crass CD (1979)
Amebix - No Sanctuary CD (1984)

Wednesday Night Extreme Noise Shift
Wolvserpent - Aporia Kalai Anata LP (2016)
P.M.S. 84 - Self Titled 7" (2015)
Crazy Spirit - 2016 Self Titled 7" (2016)
Bad Boys - L'Indiffrenza... 7" (2015?)
Red Hare - Lexicon Mist 7" (2015)
Synthetic IO - Escapement 7" (2015?)
Running - Wake Up Applauding LP (2016)
Grief - Depression 12" (1992)
Boskops - Soliz 12" (1983)
Lip Cream - Kill All Ugly Pop 2xLP (????)
...and a few others I forgot to write down due to helping customers and workin.

Crafts and house cleaning night.
Axegrinder - Rise of The Serpantmen LP (1988)
Defiance - No Future No Hope LP (1996)
Fututre Ruins - Self Titled LP (2012)
Mobcharge - Self Titled LP (2010)
Icons of Filth - Onward Christian Solders LP (1984)
Apeface / Zero Hour - Split LP (1995)
Zero Hour - Self Titled 7" (1994)
Legion of Doom - A Planet On It's Knee's 7" (2000)
Kakistocracy - Self Titled LP (2004)
Crass - Penis Envy CD (1981)

Crass Who Dunnit? 7" (1983)
Dark Throne- The Cult Is Alive LP (2006)
Amebix - Monolith LP (1987)
Nux Vomica - A Civilized World LP (2007)
Stormcrow - Enslaved In Darkness LP (2005)
Nasum - Human 2.0 CD  (2000)
 - Resistance, remains one of favorite songs (played it four times in a row).
Nausea - Cybergod 7" (1992)

Monday, February 29, 2016

Playlist : 2/18/16 - 2/28/16

Playlist : 2/18/16 - 2/28/16

-If for some reason you are following this blog and want to recommend a band or a record to me, leave a comment below. My collection is always changing and will continue to do so until my last breath or the Apocalypse; which ever comes first , it can be found at: Scratchbrad's Recordnerd. Cheers!

Reason of Insanity / Race Against Time - Split 7" (2005)
 - I have not pulled this one out in a while, totally awesome split.

Kvoteringen - Storfinansen 7"
 - I am not totally blown away but I am sure the live sets are crazy.

Cadaver Em Transe - Self Titled LP (2014)
 - Man, I know I usually catch the boat a bit late but this album will be in my top tier for sometime.

Incantation - Onward To Golgotha LP (1992)
 - Time to throw on some classic Death Metal.

Time to throw on the Amelie Soundtrack and relax.


I needed to take my mind off things and wanted to look at life from another point of view. When nothing else matters, to look at things scientifically helps level my head and start planting my feet.

Tervet Kadet - Lapinhelvetti LP (2015)
Death Angel - The Ultra-Violence LP (1987)
Disturd - Inside 7" (2014)
DOOM - Consumed To Death 7" (2015)
 - I have been a fan of this band for half of my life now. There has been periods of ups and downs just like any other band out there. This is a fairly strong EP for a band that has been going at it for over 25 years. There is more of a hardcore element pulling through then the grind aspect. I'll enjoy this record for some time.

Lastsentence - Absurd Days 7" (2015)
 - Totally love crazy noisy Japanese Hardcore. This is totally a lo-fi recording that reminds me of listening to records before recording techniques via digital got "better". I am not biased but a throw back is just that.

Asinine Solution - Cause Effect 7" (1998)
 - One of my first records and one that I will always totally get down to.

Defacto Oppression - Were Digging Our Own Graves... 7" (1999)
 - This was the first band I really got to see live, in some sweaty-ass basement out there in Western-Wisconsin. I bought this record before I saw them, it's tight but their album is fucking fantastic and still holds up against many "modern bands".

Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry LP (1984)
 - I had to throw this on just to annoy the hell out of my roommates. Doors slammed, curses sung and I am not going to take that attitude. *Turns knob to eleven,

Protest Stagnation - Self Titled 7" (2003)
 - I haven't heard this EP all that well in the years it as been in my collection. The center was printed a wee too big and never fit any of my turntables until now. FUCK. I wish I was blaring this record more often. The vocals kill along with awesome hard hitting hardcore. For some reason I just caught their act in Menominee WI and went skinny dipping JUST down river from the sewage plant...that and fire spinning.

Another Oppressive System / Human Waste - Split 7" (2004)
 - Still an awesome split years later. A.O.S delivers that East Coast crustcore sound with utter brutality; while Human Waste slays everything in their path,

Initial State - Abort The Soul LP (1994)
 - This is the third time I have owned this album; it is even funnier that is the copy that I sold to the ;Noise' in the first place, I recognize the 'pops' at the end of "Collapse". I was dumb to sell this in the first place. It is on par with His Hero Is Gone and downright excellent musicianship.

Acephalix - Interminable Night LP (2011)
 - To refect on past thoughts: "The collapse of civilization is here and Acephalix is the stinging concussion from the failed scheme."

Vastusta - Demo 15/12/2014 Cassette (2015)
 - Outside of basement shows this is the first tape I have bought straight up in a long time. Fuck, if I had the money I found put THIS recording out on vinyl on my own label.

Complete Waste- Self Titled 7" (2008)
 - Straight forward hardcore, if you'd put me in the basement where they were playing I would have a fucking blast. We all have our preferences, mine is based on an awesome time, great music and a mutilale understanding that we are tired of shit. These recording living up to that standard.

Kulturkampf - Too Cold To Smell The Dead 7" (2006)
 - This Ep still brings back memories of seeing bands from no-where, that's how I met people from all over. "No cure for cancer!"

Weekly Extreme Noise Shift
The Damned - Chiswick Singles 2xLP
DOOM - Consumed to Death 7"
Vspera - S/T 7"
Mommy - Fermation 7"
Isotope - Midnight Soldier 7:
Asinine Solution - Escape To Wisconsin 7"
Broken Bones - Vigilante 7"
Urbonia - Psykisk Terror 7"
...and  few others I forgot to write down

Relax Day. No Thoughts. No Cares.
V/A - Histaria LP (2002)
Rákosi - Self Titled 7" (2012)
Stress SS - Fest 7" (2015)
Disgusting Lies ?– Rich Man / Poor Man 7" (1996)
Extinction of Mankind - Baptised In Shit LP (1995)
Crude SS - Who'll Survive LP (2015)
Motorhead - Bomber! LP (1979)
Devoid Of Faith / Seized - Split 7" (1997)
Sick Terror - Vida Medicore 7" (2004)
Cadver Em Transe - S/T LP (2014)

Ataxxia - Live at the RxxxxBxxx


Icons Of Filth - Onward Christian Soldiers LP (1984)
Unleashed - Shadows of the Deep CD (1992)
Carnage - Dark Recollections LP (1990)
Winter - Into Darkness LP (1990)

Friday, February 19, 2016

Playlist : 2/8/16 - 2/17/16

 Playlist : 2/8/16 - 2/17/16
-Photo by Jonah Cannon.

Kiekltolaki - Vapauden LP
Antischism - Still Life LP
 - Damn, my copy is well abuse and wore from having played it so much in the past that some o the bass isn't coming through as well as it use to.

Driving to Duluth!
Neurosis - Times of Grace CD
Bolt Thrower - IV Crusade CD

Northshore hiking and drive back home.
Neurosis - Times of Grace CD
Nausea - Extintion CD
Amebix - Arise! +2 CD
Axegrinder - Rise of The Serpentmen CD


V/A - Annihilation : Konton Crasher Ominubus LP (2014)
 - Totally raging four-way comp. Total War and Truncheons are fucking awesome.

Krallice - Ygg Huur LP (2016)
 - So fast and technical Black Metal I can barely keep up. They definitely have come a long way in the past few years.


Behemoth - The Satanist CD (2014)
 - TI still love my metal even if they are "huge".

Warwound - A Huge Blackcould 'The Demos 1983' LP (2016)
 - I definitely can tell that these are demos but better late then never aye.

Bread and Water - Self Titled LP (2003)
 - Totally awesome full length from this hardcore outfit from Texas.

Porkeria - Porkeria 7" (2012)
 - While on a Texas hardcore kick; I am going to throw this one on.


Weaving The Deathbag - Self Titled 7"
Abaddon - Wet Za Wet LP
Limpwrist - Self Titled LP
Bolt Thrower - The IV Crusade LP
Sang - Mon Oblidat EP 7"
Parasytes - Straight Jacket 7"
Horace Pinker - Knives Guns Ammunition 7"
Forward - Against Their Insanity LP
Lebakko - Self Titled 7"

Monday, February 8, 2016

Playlist : 1/29/6 - 2/7/16

Venom - Live : Official Bootleg LP (1986)
 - What I would expect out of a Venom show in the 'early' years

Tangorodrim - Unholy And Unlimited... LP (2003)
 - Meh, good but not horrible Israeli black metal. They have more in common with Hellhammer then anything else.

Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry LP (1984)
 - Just had to. What?

Discharge – Warning: Her Majesty's Government Can Seriously Damage Your Health 12" (1983)
 - It's alright but by this tie they should have became a "motorcrust" band.

Avskum – Crucified By The System 7" (1984)
 - Still on of my favorite bands since yay-tall. I think I like their later material more but this is still a good place to start.

Defacto Oppression - We're Digging Our Own Graves 7" (1999)
 - Fuck, I miss this band. Outside of Asinine Soultion and Legion of Doom, this band was my gateway into punk and hardcore. This 7" is super early in their 'career' and their full length beat it by uncountable miles.

Asinine Soultion - Escape To Wisconsin 7" (1996)
 - Might as well keep drifting down memory lanes.

Hellshock - Only The Dead Know The End Of War LP (2004)
 - Nearly a dozen years later and I still love this album!

Bolt Thrower - In Battle There Is No Law LP (1988)
 - So it begins...(rain starts pouring)

Grave - As Rapture Comes LP (2006)
 - Picked this up in my hometown when they were on tour...still weird to me.

Assbrigade – Demo 2012 Cassette (2012)
 - Shameless self-promotion, got to love it.

Amebix - Arise! LP
 - This band will always be one of my favorites.

Pre-Showing It List
Wolves In The Throneroom - Black Cascade 2xLP
Black Sabbath - Master of Reality LP

Death Angel - The Ultra-Violence LP
 - FUCK! Finally repressed. THRASH IT UP!!!

Bolt Thrower - IV Crusade LP

Funeral Shock - Self Titled 12"
 - Straight forward ripping hardcore. I am glad I picked this up; brings me back to the earlier days.

Desastre - Pesadelo Real LP
 - I haven't put this album on in years and FUCK I totally forgot that this Brazilian band totally rules. It's straight up my alley with D-Beat blasts blended with raw wailing crust.

Napalm Death - The Peel Sessions LP
 - These recordings changed it all for me back in 1995.

Krigshot  - Till Vilket Pris Som Helst LP
Damage Deposit - Straight To The Bottom 7"
Die Kreuzen - Cows and Beer 7"
Defacto Oppression - We're Digging Our Own Graves...7"

Death Angel - The Ultra-Violence LP
Amebix - Arise! LP
Avskum - Uppror Underifrån LP
Black Sabbath - Master of Reality LP

Assel / Secong Look - Split 7"
Bloodred Bacteria / Ruined Split 7"
Agathocles / Bloodred Bacteria - Retardation / Spiced With Elektrokill 7"
Authority Abuse / Kakistocracy - Split 7"
Desastre - Pesadelo Real LP

Friday, January 29, 2016

51 Posts! Playlist : 1/19/16 - 1/28/16

Venom - Black Metal 2xLP (1982)
 - Great album to start the day off to.

Paradox - No Ghosts That Haunt Ep 12" (2014)
 - Fairly standard D-Beat, still fucking tight.

Enth / Amarok - Split LP (2012)
 - It's cold, haunting and dark out; this split is a great reflection of this time of year.

Carcass - Surgical Steel LP (2013)
 - Do I really need to say anything?

Extreme Noise Wednesday Night Crew
From Ashses Rise - Silence LP
Scorned - This Mad Endevour LP
G-Gas - Generation Gas LP
Harvy Milk - The Pleaser 2xLP
Patsy - Eat It 7"
Misery - From The Seeds That We Have Sown 12"
Porkeria - La Mierda De Siempre LP
Jaborg - Mob Shity LP
Warwound - A Huge Black Cloud LP

Work Shift Music
Black Flag - Everything Went Black CD (1982)
Black Flag - Damaged CD (1981)
Black Sabbath - Paranoid CD (1970)
Amebix - Arise! +2 CD (198)
Motorhead - Overkill CD (1979)
Wu-Tang Clan - Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) CD (1993)
Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon With The Toadliquors* - Prairie Home Invasion CD (1994)

Amebix - No Sanctuary CD (1984) (3x in a row during errand running)

Inflicted / Segue - Split LP (1999)
 - I never really gave either band a chance in the past *facepalm*.

State - All Wrong LP (2006)
 - I can totally see these guys as an influence for a tons of my old WI friends.

V/A - When Hell Freezes Over LP (2000)
 - Still on of the best cops to come out of the Twin Cities.

Motorhead - Ace of Spades LP (1980)
 - It's Friday night and just cracked my last beer to this album. RIP Lemmy!

-Preshow ampage
@pathia No / Fallas - Split 10" (2005)
Wolfbrigade - The Wolfpack Years 10" (2003)
What Happens Next - Hollow Victory 10" (1999)

*Show at the RatXXXX
-I passed out after eating and drinking. So I was late but still saw, Kluven, from Chicago. They are fucking down-tuned and brutal hardcore. Then, Verminoze, went on and ruled as usual and Hectie actually kept his pants on this time.

Only NPR today.....soooooooo hung over and still working my ass off

Black Sabbath Live!!! It was a fucking great show even from the nose bleed. Ozzy actually did a awesome job, Tony and Geezer were on point the whole time and what's his nuts hit those drums hard.

Again, hungover and at work. NPR.
*after work

Amebix - No Sancurary LP +7"
Nausea - Extinction LP
Diallo/Exhale - Split 7"
Life - Proof of Survival 7"

Extreme Noise Wednesday Night Crew
*The turntable was a bit fucked up with YEARS of abuse, so casettes were played.

Beyond Description - Still In The Distance
Verminoze - Self Titled Demo (Local fucked up heros)
Wasted - Heroes Amongst Thieves
Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today
Vastusta - 1/14/14 Self Titled Demo (FUCK THIS IS AWESOME!!!)

Hung over, again; NPR and classic Mexican rock while at work.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Playlist : 1/9/16 - 1/18/16

I've gota ton of new records to go through and do a small review; until then, spinning the classics.

Venom - Black Metal LP
Napalm Death - Harmony Corruption 2xLP
State of Fear - Discography LP
From Ashes Rise - Nightmares LP
Bolt Thrower - For Victory LP
Metallica - Ride The Lightening LP
Nasum - Shift CD

Discard - Death From Above 7" (1990)
Suffocation - Human Waste 12" (1991)
Framtid - Defeat of Civilization LP (2013)
V/A  - Yalta Hi-life LP (1984)
Forward / Teargas - Burning Spirits 2014 7" (2014)
After The Bombs - Spoils of War EP 7" (2007)
Discard - Death From Above 7" (just could not resist playing it again!)
Helvetin Viemärit - Kauhea Melu Oksennus 7" (2013)
V/A - The Time of Hell LP (2004)
Dark Throne - A Blaze In The Northern Sky LP (1992)
Kvoteringen - Samhällets Förrädare LP (2010)
Doom / Hiatus - Split 7" (1993)
Spectres - Visions Of A New World 7" (2008)
Urbn DK - Victim Inside 7" (1995)
His Hero Is Gone - Fifteen Counts Of Arson (1997)

David Peel - 1984 LP
Remains of the Day - Underlying Frequency LP
Victims - Lies Lies Lies 7"
Kieltolaki - Vapavden Illuusio LP
Last Chaos / Vaarallinen - Split 7"
Disturd - Illusion 7"

Venom - Black Metal 2xLP
V/A - Yalta Hi-Life LP
Black Sabbath - Paranoid LP
Black Sabbath - Sabotage LP