Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Droids

- from "Moja Kochana Mamusia Marysia Mania" 7".

-The Droids started around '94 in the fabled Wisconsin city of Manitowoc; focusing on the Polish side of life (The polish being one of the major immigrant influence around the south western side of Wisconsin). They broke up briefly and put out their third EP, after that the cans of kraut must have been too overwhelming for one band to consume alone.

Machek - Vocals
Chris L - Guitar
Eric P (Bitty) - Guitar
Ted H - Bass
Tom N - Drums


- Jabede Bardzo Dorby 7", Power Ground Records 1995?.

1. A Reminder To All Young Men
2. JaBede Bardzo Dorby
3. Unfulfillmet
4. I Somi Moya Dupa!
5. Su Benge

-Boris The Sprinkler / The Droids - Split 7", Power Ground Records 1995?. Recorded at Simple Studios, Green Bay WI. What a way to compliment the area by mixing a rough sounding punk band, with a (now notorious pop-punk) band than putting them on the same piece of wax.

1. Elementarz
2. Notch
3. Spotch E Yedzenya (By the Expoited...Polish Style!)

-Moja Kochana Mamusia Marysia Mania 7", Beer City Records 1996. Recorded at Simple Studios, Green Bay. The last Droids record? We'll never know.

1. The Number For...
2. Social Dogs
3. One Million Specs
4. 6" Bobbitt
5. Level 4

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