Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mink Capital Terror

-Hailing from Medford, MCT played a crossover hardcore during late 80's. Their two 7" kick more ass then much of the Thrash that is re-surging these days.

Doug Beilfuss -Drums
Pat Beilfuss -Guitar
Dan Brost -Vocals
Tom Fronk -Guitar
John Fronk -Bass


-Self Titled 7"
, Udder Chaos Records 1988

1. Paralell 45
2. Out Of Thouch
3. Some People
4. Sho-Bud
5. Brian's Got The Stomach Flu
6. Like Me
7. But They Did
8. Free To Kill
9. Save The Whales
10. Drugs And Pornography
11. Birds Of Prey

-What Secret Power Does This Man Possess? 7".
Udder Chaos 1989.

1. Weak Mind Strong Back

2. Woke Up Dead
3. Why Does A Caged Bird Sing?
4. Snooky Fudge
5. Sorrow
6. Vericose Veins
7. I'm A Bad Kid
8. Peace Through Pain
9. Totalitarian State
10. Search For The Word
11.Good Bye



Anonymous said...

I think some of them went on to form a band called "Shivaree", good stuff if you can find it!

Scrachbrad said...

hell yeah, "IF" I can find it.

Maria Emmerich said...

You could get the album by calling this number. My Brother Todd who was in the band has some.
(715) 748-6192

Anonymous said...

Thanks! It really should be available on the internet. I actually found a cassette copy, rather worn, but great songs! And even better live...

admin said...

todd fronk went on to play guitar in shivaree. i have the cd i think i can upload it since they're not for sale any more. some of the best punk rock/indie if you ask me. i'll post here when i get around to it.