Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dios Mio

-Zombies, Lawyers and Grandma's beware! Something strange was brewing in Eau Claire amongst the mold encrusted beer cans. It trashes about and and will leave you gasping for air...oh Dios Mio!

Isaiah Davis - Tard-Stick
Chito McFlurry - Ax and grandpa
Jack Grabs - Skins and flab's
Sinz Grabs - Fire and 80's porn.
Mike Chilson - 2nd Ax and still counting.
Kyle O'Sleezy - Skins and sweaty palms


-Prey to God 7", Wednesday Sound 2008. Great sound debute from these drunk little monkeys. The first pressing is limited to 200.

1. Shit Life
2. Get Ridiculous
3. Tread The World
4. Prey To God


-"Lose Lose Situation", Track 5. Give Praise Records. The cover is drawn by the legendary Nate Dungeon.

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Anonymous said...
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Alchemicalmedia said...

hey man can i get 2 bucks for some beer i cant go to the show unless i get a beer first man... help me out.


Bradley Barrows said...

Four years toooooo late checking out the comments....next time aye.