Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cattle Prod

Cattle Prod
-relocated from Spokane, Washington to Madison, Secretly Happy is their only release and was recorded at Smart Studios. Their lyrical content is just utterly hilarious on top of a unique sound. Some of the members went on to play in Headpump. While, Shella, moved to New York, where she worked with Autobody and Drumhead.

Brent: Mouth, Keys, Loose Change, Duck, Genuine Faux Guitar
Mark: Bass, Mouth, Microwave Omlettes
Shella: Skins, Mouth, Guitar, Hammer
Albert: Cowbell Hologram

-Secretly Happy LP, Community 3, 1989. I like 'Tongues Are Pink' the best. It is a song ripping on racist skinheads. 'People Are Alright' sounds like it be better live.
This album
-Note that each side is one track! No slicing the tracks bad.
Here it is.
1. I Hate Hate
2. Tongues Are Pink
3. Love Is A Toy
4. Babuh
5. Don't Mind Walking
6. Donkey Ears
7. We'll Blow Ourselves Up
8. When I'm Dead
9. Waking Up
10. Nipple Goon
11. Spastic Child On Ice
12. My Only Constellation
13. Satan Is Boring
14. My Body
15. Smells Like Love
16. People Are Alright


mamapajama said...

This album kicks ass! I found it on cassette at a Goodwill for 50 cents when i was in highschool (about 10 years ago) and have been rockin out to it ever since! I'm terrified its going to get eaten and i'll be without it! Got any idea where i can find it on vinyl or even another cassette?

Scrachbrad said...

I might record it through my mic line and have two mp3's (side A and side B) and put it up. I just happened to come across it one day.

mamapajama said...

Man, that would rock! I'd love to put it on my ipod! They're one on of those bands that are just so damn silly they cross the border into cool- whatever that means. Tongues are always pink- tell me thats not profound ;-)

mamapajama said...

ps i dig your photo.

Scrachbrad said...

okay a copy is up for d/l fun.

JohnnyHank said...

Any chance you could re-up the Cattle Prod? I was just listening to my vinyl the other night and thinking how it'd be nice to have a digital copy of it (which is how I discovered your blog!)
Looking forward to reading more.

wes kilgore said...

Secretly happy is available as a CD or digital download at Amazon

Somehow I got this cassette in Virginia Beach in the early 90s and I made the mistake of loaning it to a friend in 1999 who "lost" it. Been looking for it ever since I just found it yesterday - huzzah!

I also found The Stickmen's CD which I've never had but always wanted. Different vibe, but you might enjoy if you like cattleprod