Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Desolate Void

-If there is some father figure god out there, it must be very happy with Eau Claire. With all the docile people milling about the mall, going to church and what not. Then it will notice the over flow from the toilet from the G.I. and hear one hell of a racket that grows ever more aggitatating each moment.

Drums - Tim Smith
Vocals - Andy Howard
Guitar - Stolp
Other Guitar - Brent K.
Bass - Nick Carroll
Old Guitarist and newly appointed Spiritual Adviser - Patrick Sova


-Self Medicated Psycho Therapy CD, Crimes Against Humanity Records 2006. Somehow through the haze and dizziness this album was actually recorded totally without alcohol included...rrrriiiigggghhhhttttt.

1. The Quest Of The Idiot
2. The Betrayers
3. Enduring The Curse
4. Who Haunts Who
5. Trying To Cope
6. Bleeding Chaos
7. Friend Placebo
8. Broken Bones & Bullet Holes

-No Sign Of Better Times CD, 2008 Crimes Against Humanity Records. This is an awesome album for hung over days when you don't understand how you woke up at all yet can still manage to drink another beer.

1. Isolation Embrace
2. Crimes Against My Sanity
3. Cuts, Bruises And An Empty Wallet
4. Wreckage of Yesterday
5. Way Past Wits End
6. Fucked And Furious
7. Amongst The Scattered Pills
8. Days Of Old

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