Monday, December 28, 2015

Playlist 12/27/15

Deviated Instinct - Re-opening Old Wounds LP
-This is some classic shit right here!

Appalachian Terror Unit - We Don't Need Them LP
-I listened to this two times in a row just to get a feel of the album. I am still on the fence but it sounds pretty tight.

Unholy Grave / Butcher ABC - Nuke 'Em All 7"
- At one time, Unholy Grave, was my favorite band; they bring a perfect amount of raw grinding noise to the plate that is addicting. Butcher ABC is one of Japan's best grind bands.

Warcry - Harvest of Death 7"
- I can never get enough Warcry to keep my head banging.

Clusterfux - Abandon Your Gods LP
- Melodic and hard-hitting; pretty decent songs here.

Kromosom - 8 Tracks 12"
- Raw and chaotic. Fuck yeah!

Hellnation - Your Chaos Days Are Numbered LP
- Power-violence is not my favorite genre but this album stands out as one of the best.

Reality Crisis - Discharge Your Frustration LP
- This hardcore band is totally underrated.

Heard at Work: (my coworkers can surprise me from time to time):
X - Los Angeles

Dinosaur Jr.
- Haven't heard many songs outside of 'Without a Sound'. Not the biggest fan but whatever

Celtic Frost - Monotheist LP
- Great album to unwind to.

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