Thursday, December 3, 2015

Playlist : 11/23/15 - 12/2/15

11/23/15 - 12/2/15
Warthreat - And The Children 7" (2014)
- These Australians bring forth pretty standard D-Beat but still kick in your door and demand you to house them. The vocals have that somewhat overdone reverb but it fit well with the over all recording. This release was totally worth picking up.

Warcry - Needle Zero Drone II 7" (2014)
- One of the best bands to come out of the U.S. since the late 00's. Sure, they sound similar with each recording but, fuck!, they still drown you in pure awesomeness.

After The Bombs - Terminal Filth Stench Bastard EP 7" (2005)
- For me this was a band that all of a sudden was there, laid waste and then was gone. I think that this EP was their strongest material put forth; heavy and hard hitting as all fuck.

From Ashes Rise - Rejoice The End 7" (2012)
- When these records came out I was overly happy that they were putting out more material. It was mor then a blast from the past and made me feel like I was fucking eighteen again. They pretty much picked up where they left off and made me wonder if these were new songs or rehashes of songs left off 'Nightmares', anyways, Rejoice The End!

Desperat - Demokrati Eller Diktatur? 7" (2012)
- I really need to listen to these guys more to be able to judge this release. So far it is totally solid hardcore that only the Swede's can deliver. Shit, I need a new pair of pants...

Silent Order - Distraction 7" (2015)
- There are hardly any riffs at first listen; just pure noise in the Japanese vein. At first, I decided I did not like this EP at all. Maybe it is the beer but I think that their live shows would be awesome...soooo come down from your Canadian stronghold and lay waste to a basement in these Midwest area...fuckers.

Discider - Drinking To Forget The Future 7"(2001)
- Okay, what happens when you live in the MOST LIBERAL city in the Midwest and dump a deuce and a half of alcohol and anger on top of a bunch of punks in the 'Heart-Land'? I don't know either, I can't remember. This may not be the most mind blowing record of all time but for a small town Wisconsinite lie myself, they were. Fuck you George The Ripper.

V/A - We Come In Peace - More World Less Bank pt. 2 7" (2004)
- Personally, my deep love for compilations runs back before the Internet allowed us to check out bands from wherever, whenever; and not so inconstancy as we can now. The bands that kicked me in the balls on this occasion are Anatomi-71, Ensam and the almighty Diskonto.

Desastre / Lixo ?– Funeral Na Nova Ordem / Lixo 7"
- I threw this on after reading about, Diana Midori of , of Ensam, playing drums in Desastre on this recording. Brazil (Basil), has a reputation of impressive hardcore bands such as Desastre. (I listened to this split three times in a row!)

(See Thanksgiving Playlist)

Amebix - Arise! LP
-Nothing wrong with listening to a classic album once and a while.

Nightfell - Darkness Evermore LP
 - This awesome. Dark riffs, hard hitting drums and bleak melodies.

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