Sunday, December 27, 2015

12/12 - 12/14/15

 Totally forgot to put this up and keep a good playlist, work and life tend to get in the way.

Entombed - Clandestine LP
 - I've been in a Death Metal mood lately.

Bolt Thrower - For Victory LP
 - So glad to see a sloth of Bolt Thrower reisues in the past few years.

Dismember – Death Metal 2xLP
 - I know it is not everyone's favorite album but there are some damn good tracks on this album.


Asinine Solution - Cause Effect 7"
 - One of my favorite recordings of all time. This seven inch is catchy and fast. The Wisconsin scene was totally underrated at the time and that was too bad for everyone else.

Assbrigade - Demo 2012 Tape
 - Yeah, I listen to my own band's fucking what.

Zero Hour - Self Titled 7"
 - Still, these songs are great. The B-Side/Side B; these are some the strongly contructed to date in this genre.

Defiance - No Future No Hope LP
 - Yep, kinda drunk and this album still reigns true.

Nightfell - Darknss Evrmore LP
 - HOLY SHIT! I am listening to this album more.

Neurosis - Soverin EP 12"

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