Monday, November 23, 2015

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11/5/15 - 11/22/15

This weeks playlist blaring from my space into the beyond. I may add some descriptions in the future, for now, drunkenness.
ABC Weapons - Bitter End 7"
Cluster Bomb Unit - ...And Dirty Little Weapons 7"
Protestant / Rhinocharge - Split 7"
Kakka-hätä 77 - WTC Räjähtää 7"
Nuclear Death Terror - As We Consume Shall We Be Consumed, As We Destroy Be Destroyed 7"
Riistetyt - Tervetuloa Kuolema 7"
Chaka - Decay 5-Track EP 7"
Victims - A Dissident LP
Protestera - Gränslösa Land 7"
Nux Vomica - Self Titled LP
Stormcrow / Coffins - Split LP
Mob 47 - Karnvapen Attack EP 7"
Opeth - Blackwater Park 2xLP
Tropiezo / Vivisick - Split 7"
Krömosom / Nomad - Split 7"
assa??t (Assault) - Martyrdom 7"
Darkthrone ?– The Cult Is Alive LP
V/A - More Songs About Plants And Tress 7"
Asinine Solution ?– Escape To Wisconsin 7"
Spectres - Visions of a New World 7"
Warthreat - And The Children 7"
Born Dead Icons / Coma - Split 7"
Bread And Water / Reason of Insanity - Split 7"
Scorned - Self Titled 7"


Unknown said...

Hi Bradley, I was wondering if you could re-up the Deathfirst-survival horror album, the Killthewhitemandead release and the Antithesis/Cachexia split?
I would forever grateful!!! Thanks very much.

Bradley Barrows said...

I'll add them to Youtube when I can (with album art as well). I am not torrent person and at least you an stream from Youtube. I think I still have the Antithesis/Cachexia around here. Cheers!

Raymond Gandy said...

I appreciate it Bradley, I will look for it! Cheers!

Brad Incarnate said...

Sorry about waiting so long. Working 60+ hours a week has been zapping me.

Raymond Gandy said...

Not a problem as I work a ton as well. Are they on youtube? Thanks again.

Narcoleptic Fox said...

Any chance you could upload the last song bloodshot eyes by Coma on the Split with Born Dead Icons? I own the 7" but the last song wouldn't finish keeps skipping not sure why? the EP is near mint! Check out my channel