Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Legion of Doom

Legion of Doom was crustcore band that was based out of Medford, Wisconsin.

Scott: Guitar+Vocals
Nick: Bass+Vocals
Tyler: Drums


-Antisocial Behavior Split 7", Subordi Nation Records.
1. Controlled Minds
2.Death Walk
3. Hybrid

-A Planet On Its Knees 7". Crimes Against Humanity Records 1999. This 7" was the first release for CAH records. Limited to 1000 copies. I thing I over hear Nick saying that CAH may be putting this on their MP3 site.

1. A Planet On It's Knees
2. Forgotten Victims
3. Thought Control
4. Death Walk
5. Man As Machine
6. Controlled Mind

-"Sheep". Aftermath is a benefit album complied for Profane Existence (3000 LPS, 2000 CDs). Track 21.

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