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-Wartorn started in 2004 in a city on Lake Michigan called Manitowoc, Wisconsin. They play a Swedish influenced hardcore that is politically minded. You might regret not paying attention to the world around us; also forgetting to wear a diaper at the same time.

Bitty - Vocals
Ryan - Guitar
Hart - Drums
Lizard - Bass

Toban - Guitar
Amos - Bass (Fill In)

Discography (Thus Far):

-Adolf Bushler 7". Crimes Against Humanity Records, 2005. Limited to 300.

Tracks: To Come!

-In The Name Of The Father, Son, And Holy War LP. Crimes Against Humanity Records and Deskontento Records, 2005. Tour Edition on blue vinyl limited to 25.

1. Wartorn
2. In The Name Of The Father, Son And Holy War
3. Dead And Buried
4. Blood On My Hands
5. Disposable Hero
6. Mob Action
7. Wal-Martyr
8. Pharmaceutical Overdose
9. Kevorkian Has A Cure
10. No More Laughter
11. Survival Of The Streets
12. Adolf Bushler
13. Scum-Bag Five O
14. Stillborn-Again Christian

-Prey For Salvation 7". Crimes Against Humanity and Profane Existence, 2007. Limited to 300 on marble colored vinyl.

1. Aftermath Of A Severed World
2. Condemned
3. Empty Handed Politics
4. Prey For Salvation

-Appalachian Terror Unit Split CD. Profane Existence, 2007. This split contains the "Prey For Salvation" 7". 1000 printed thus far.

Tracks (Wartorn Tracks)
2. Aftermath Of A Severed World
4. Condemned
6. Empty Handed Politics
8. Prey For Salvation

-Tainting Tomorrow With The Blood Of Yesterday LP. Profane Existence, Crimes Against Humanity, Vex, Fight For Your Lives and Deskontento Records, 2008. This release has covers of Poison Idea and State of Fear. Also rerecorded tracks from the Prey For Salvation EP. 700 printed on black vinyl and 400 printed on a split black and white vinyl. The first pressing comes with a poster of the Prey For Salvation cover artwork done by Malrald. Cheers!

1. Weight of the World
2. Prey For Salvation / Killing Frost
3. Blood Thirsty System (State of Fear)
4. Tainting Tomorrow With The Blood of Today
5. Aftermath of a Severed World
6. Condemned
7. Empty Handed Politics
8. Taken By Surprise (Poison Idea)
9. Beneath by Ruins

- Los Dolares Split 7". Noske, Fight For Your Minds Records, Deskontento Records, 2008. Recorded sometime before Bitty switched over full time vocalist and Liz took up Bass. 500 Copies

1. Open Wound
2. Killing Frost


-"Aftermath of a Severed World". PE53 CD, Track 2, 2007.
-"Prey For Salvation". PE55 CD, Track 24, 2008.


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