Wednesday, May 21, 2008



-Discider formed in Madison in 2001. Their crust
y d-beat sound could smelt be for at least six feet. They terrorized Madrown until summer of 2007.

Evan- Guitar and Vocals
Tim Offensive - Bass and Vocols

Paul- Vocals and Drums
Brandon - Drums
Jeremy - Vocals (First 7')


-Drinking To Forget The Future 7". First Blood Family, 2002. 100 of this release came with a screen printed cloth cover and clear vinyl (for you record geeks out there).

1. Zombievox
2. Parasitic Lives
3. George The Ripper
4. Deathseed

-Black Market Fetus Split 7"/CD. Blood First Family, 2004. The CD version came with a track that was no on the vinyl version.

1. When Can We
2. Smoke Leads To Fire

-Tour 2004 CD. Compilation cracks, split with Black Market Fetus and unreleased tracks. Limited to 100 (cough).
Tracks: To Come!

-Self Titled 7". Offensive Media, 2006.

1. Total Loss
2. The City She Burns
3. Life Changes Us
4. War Without End

-Songs For the Road Tour 2005 CD. 2005. New track and comp songs.
Tracks: To Come!

-"War With Out End". 2007. Discder was on track six of this Profane Existence comp that came with issue 52.

-Welcome To Hell, Food Not Bombs Fund, Protest, 2005.
Track 6: Disaster.

Discider At ABC No Rio

Discider on Mayday

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