Tuesday, May 20, 2008



-xGASHx is a band that you'll most likely never experience. This unique band was made up graduates from various high class schools based in Wisconsin. They ripped up basement after basement through their "thrash as fuck" lifestyle, not to mention various beers, whiskeys, vodkas and unmentionables. xGASHx does random reunions when they can afford to get away from their busy lives, even just for a minute.

- No one really knows who they were due to their antisocial life styles, the few that know them can conferm that some of their members went to UW-Stout. xGASHx ranged from two to seven members at once.

-There is a recording of seven tracks out there that was mentioned in an issue Spin.

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R said...

xgashx was a bunch of fucking faggots, i saw those guys once and the drummer's dick made my girlfriend all excited so we broke up. fuck that guy.