Tuesday, May 20, 2008


United Super Villains (aka United Satanic Villains)

picture by little a

Karl Schneider (vox)
Ryan Mills (guitar)
Mike Thompson (bass)
Nick Bomb (drums)

-U.S.V. were ripping fast hardcore from LaCrosse, Wisconsin. I cannot remember why the broke up in the first place. Most likely it was due to each member wanting to worship Satan in their own different way. I'll still miss the cover of "Cop Killer".


-U.S.V / Krammies Split
7". Punk House Records 1996.
1. Everlasting Godstomper
Get Real Drugs Lines of Fury
3. 4
Lines of Fury
4. School

-Escapist. 7". Havoc Records 1999. 500 red vinyl, 2500 Marbled vinyl.
1. Another Cop Song
2. No More
3. Survey Says...
4. Punch Line
5. Fuckin' Happy Enough for You? Fight U.,
6. Ooooh, you SOB
7. Grown Up/Burnt Out

-Choke Slammed Back To Life LP. Deranged Records 2000. Tour Edition limited to 900.
1. Everything I Know I Learned From Jack T. Chick
2. Go Time
3. Knives In The Back / Dollar $ign$ In Eyes
4. Trophy
5. Ant Races
6. Everlasting Godstomper *
7. Good News
8. Make Sure He's Not Breathing
9. Petty Bullshit
10. Choke Slammed Back To Life
11. Left 2 Cover
12. Real TV Star
13. 4 Lines Of Fury
14. xGet Real Drugsx
15. Ley Fuga
16. Lyric Sheet
17. Subversion!
18. U.S.V. vs A.B.E.

*songs from the split 7" with the Krammies


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