Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Choose Your Poison

Choose Your Poison

-Choose Your Poison started in September of 2003. Their sound is the brain child of way to much time not masturbating mixed with whiskey and old Judas Priest videos. They'll thrash you out of space and time, not to mention your home.

Shane - Drums and Vocals (Ex. Brats and Cheese)
Lizzard - Bass and Vocals (2006 to Present, in Wartorn)
Toban - Guitar and Vocals (Ex. Brats and Cheese, in Wartorn)
Toeknee - Bass/vox (2003-July 2006)
Fitz - Guit (Aug 2007- present)

Discography (Thus Far):

-Thrashed To Ribbons 7"/CD. Self Released, 2006. Handel with care or it might just fizz up when you pop the top.

1. Thrash and Burn
2. The Damage Is Done
3. Sugar Coated Bullshit
4. Calling In Dead
5. Let The Good Times Roll

-Party Zone 7". Bacon Towne Records, 2007. A limited amount are on green vinyl.

1. Intro Thicker Than Blood
2. Plastic Prison
3. No White Flags
4. Knuckledragger
5. Hungry Hungry Assholes

-Laid To Waste CDEP, Self Released 2008. With their third installment it may seem like they are moving beyond partying and being down right hilarious, moving towards sophisticated complex economics.....yeah right.

1. In Basements We Trust
2. Feed Em To The Pigs
3. Trophy Sadist
4. No Promises


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