Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Weaving The Deathbag

-picture by b.rad at the MAC in Duluth

-Out of the ashes and ruin of Asinine Solution, Defacto Oppression and U.S.V came forth Weaving The Deathbag in the fall of 2001. Spewing their fury across the Midwest and beyond. They still play show now and then. Mike O went on to play in Lost Issues.

Mike Z - Guitar and Vocals
Mike O - Guitar and Back Up Vocals
Nick Bomb - Insane Drumming


-Self Titled 7". Hungry Ghost Records, 2002. I cant remember if I picked this EP up at a show or of a distro but the reaction that I had from listening to it made me fall in love with Wisconsin hardcore all over again. What is funny to me is that I found out the the person whom did the artwork lives up here in Superior and as a roadie for WTDG and Asschapel. He is an independent person beyond all fuck.

1. Weaving The Deathbag
2. Doggy Style
3. The Needle and the Damage Done
4. Never Known Silence
5. New Song For an Old Dreamer
6. Who Are Your Influences?

-Lost In The World 7". Born To Die Records, 2003.

1. Nasty Coils of Anti Light
2. Cycles
3. Lift The Curse of Mankato
4. Draw Me A Picture
5. Brave New World
6. I'm Getting Out

-The Devil's Punch Line 7".
Kangaroo Records, 2003.

1. The Puzzle Box
2. Shock and Awe
3. Listen to the Violin
4. Anti Stalkers Unite
5. Love the Butt-Flap
6. The Chain Saw

-Inoculation 7". Hungry Ghosts Records and Kangaroo Records, 2004.

Tracks Coming Soon!

-Compendium CD. Hungry Ghosts Records, 2005. This is an Discography of all four 7"s and a bonus cover of Civil Disobedience.

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