Monday, August 11, 2008

The Scuzz

-photo from the Liability 7" insert.

-The Scuzz were from the fabled city of Chippewa Falls. The city that harbored some of Wisconsin's best hardcore bands and Leinenkugel's Beer. This band's members where in many other great bands from the area.

Jasper- drums
Eric - Bass
Lee - Guitar
Mike Z - Guitar
Murry DK -Olson-Vox


-Liability 7". Asinine Records, 1998. This is one of the first records that i found at a small record shop in Eau Claire, I found this recording to late to be able to see them live, yet their music helped made a passion for good music burn more than the distance.


1. Liability
2. Socially Excepted
3. Dying On A Cross
4. Catheter
5. Drunk As Fuck
6. Democracy Hypocrisy
7. Badge of Authority
8. All For Confrontation

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