Monday, August 11, 2008

Words That Burn

-Picture from Profits Of The Christ 7".

Bitty- Guitar/Vocals
Ozzy- Drums/Vocals
Jacky- Guitar/Vocals
Hart- Bass

-Words That Burn were made up of the survivors of Remission. With a heavier stance, WTB, destroyed all that came before them. After a few brutal releases they wandered away from their music and started other projects, such as Wartorn. Remission is now doing a few shows again!


-Spawning Ground For Hatred LP. Crimes Against Humanity Records. 100 of them on red vinyl.
1. Bleeding Xenophobia
2. Forced Few Trauma
3. Scapegoat
4. Feed The Nightmare
5. Relive The Pain
6. Spawning Ground For Hatred
7. Panic Season
8. Hanging By A Tread
9. Moral Driver
10. Reasons Run Dry
11. Drained Reaction
12. Hail Skatan
13. Riot Squad (Originally by Toxic Reasons)

-Profits Of The Christ 7".
Crimes Against Humanity Records. This EP singles out one of the best songs about METAL ever! 666 PACK!!! Only a hundred out there, have fun!
1. 666 Pack
2. Profit$ of the Christ
3. Nike Air Genocide
4. The Art of Theft
5. Bare The Scars


"Hail Skatin" Beer City's Counter Attack Comp. Track 25.

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