Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Born Dead Icons

Born Dead Icons - Work, Dead Alive Records 2000

Sadly, I only got to see Born Dead Icons play once but what a show. I totally got hooked on them after picking up this album after they played. At the time I was use to in your face Hardcore and Grindcore; the only other Crust band that wasn't fast was Amebix. Personally I do not hear what is suppose to be the obvious Amebix/Motorhead sound. After putting this album on the turntable. I think that Born Dead Icons were put on the back burner during the early 2000's. Their sound is right up there with other bands of their time ala From Ashes Rise and Tragedy. Work,is proof that their sound was hell of a lot dark and dirtier then the heavy-weight West Coast bands at the time, it's always up to debate with me.

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