Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ranting #1

Chester Creek, Duluth MN
After many months of internal debate, I have come to embrace my misanthropic nature. . Socially, many people are choosing to close themselves and activity ignore the facts that are coming forth of what our civilizations technological rise is doing to our home, to our minds and bodies. Our civilization has run it's course and we must choose to either embrace living more sustainable lives by stepping back from how much we consume or to seek ways of controlling the very nature of humanity itself which leads down a slippery slope of tyranny and fear. At least these are the choices that are running through my mind being aware of historical pasts of power struggles in a society in decline. A few headlines in the news were heart warming, such as the state I live in now allowing homosexual marriage, finally some people standing up and releasing the information of government corruption that we all knew was already there and the general pubic starting to understand that it does not matter who is in power anymore, they all lie and power kills.

Then again, the world is always ending for someone.

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