Friday, November 27, 2015

EXTREME NOISE 2015. Thanksgiving Playlist.

Extreme Noise, November 2015
-I volunteered at Extreme Noise Records, in Minneapolis, for Thanksgiving this year. Our all-volunteer punk rock collective is open 365 days a year, so I filled in on this date that is usually reserved for family time. As a reminder, this holiday is based on genocide of the inhabitants of North America that were already here before "The Pilgrims"; fuck that. So here is the playlist from that night for those in need of their metal or punk rock fix.
Effluxus - Life Destruction LP
 - Raw, chaotic as fuck hardcore-punk. A bit well to polished for my taste but I can imagine that thier live shows are crazy as all hell.

Axeman - Arrive LP
 - "Shit, that album sucks" - my buddy Ryan. Well, he is dead motherfucking wrong. The album title and riffs alone, is a tongue in-cheek joke about Amebix's 'Arise'. Arise, Arrive; get it? Thought so. This album blends that slow and melodic crust vibe with the fury of black metal riffs. And it is all one dude! Fuck you, Ryan, this shit rules.

Gism - Detestation LP
 - I listened to this a couple of times in my youth. I am torn between wanting to throw the record against the wall to wanting to thrashing out. I know, "It's a classic!"; that's why I threw it on dumb ass! I have not had many chances to listen to this album all the way through. I can see where bands around the world site this band as their main influence. Shit's tight, raw and totally in your face.

Morbid Angel - Alters Of Madness LP
 - Death Metal was not huge in the area I grew up. Sure, we listened to Napalm Death and Carcass, but for some reason we did not listen to much metal outside of thrash. I can see how this is a highly cited album and it kicks ass like a grandmother playing poker; I think that the Swede's brought forth a more remorseless side of humanity in a fashion that really leaves the future absolutely bleak.

Bolt Thrower - The IV Crusade LP
 - Finally an affordable version was repressed. This is the fourth age of the sage that is Bolt Thrower.

Life - Violence, Peace and Peace Research LP
 - Japanese raw noise is totally some of best hardcore. This album is on par with any Desastre  Recharge albums any day. Dead Silent Spring riff's were intense has the cold war while Annihilate really does pulverize everything in its path and Hypocrisy is like being dragged through a field of razors.

Venom - Black Metal LP

Monday, November 23, 2015

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11/5/15 - 11/22/15

This weeks playlist blaring from my space into the beyond. I may add some descriptions in the future, for now, drunkenness.
ABC Weapons - Bitter End 7"
Cluster Bomb Unit - ...And Dirty Little Weapons 7"
Protestant / Rhinocharge - Split 7"
Kakka-hätä 77 - WTC Räjähtää 7"
Nuclear Death Terror - As We Consume Shall We Be Consumed, As We Destroy Be Destroyed 7"
Riistetyt - Tervetuloa Kuolema 7"
Chaka - Decay 5-Track EP 7"
Victims - A Dissident LP
Protestera - Gränslösa Land 7"
Nux Vomica - Self Titled LP
Stormcrow / Coffins - Split LP
Mob 47 - Karnvapen Attack EP 7"
Opeth - Blackwater Park 2xLP
Tropiezo / Vivisick - Split 7"
Krömosom / Nomad - Split 7"
assa??t (Assault) - Martyrdom 7"
Darkthrone ?– The Cult Is Alive LP
V/A - More Songs About Plants And Tress 7"
Asinine Solution ?– Escape To Wisconsin 7"
Spectres - Visions of a New World 7"
Warthreat - And The Children 7"
Born Dead Icons / Coma - Split 7"
Bread And Water / Reason of Insanity - Split 7"
Scorned - Self Titled 7"